Tune up for running: USE music!

Literally! USE it, own it, make it work for you, sweat it!

Now the weather is nice we are all going out, bikers and runner’s season is on again. Today´s topic: How to make the perfect running playlist.

  1. Start your playlist with a song that grows faster… slowly… The Dogs days are over, by Florence and the Machine or Eminem´s Lose Yourself will do the trick. I adore “Lose Yourself” because it mentally prepares me; it makes me feel like am about to enter a kickboxing ring and I’m going to kick some …
  2. Don´t go too fast… Most electronic music goes way faster than we run. For example: Martin Garrix´s Animals; I love the song and it will be perfect for jumping at a rave party or for a spinning class, but not for running.
  3. Beat the wall down: No matter how short or long your runs are, we all usually hit a wall (or several) at some point. Typically, you will know when you hit your first wall because you stop “just enjoying the ride” and look at your watch. I hit my first wall at 18 minutes; therefore, I have one of my favorite songs around that time. Pay attention to your body and discover when you need that specific song to keep you going; good news is: if you hit a wall but continue, you will “beat” the wall down after a few minutes.
  4. Go with your gut. Don´t stick to just one “dream playlist” but get lots of cool music on your Ipod just in case you change your mind on the go. Sometimes you will get more motivation from lyrics than from 140 beats per minute.

So, as I said at the beginning of this post: use it, own it, make it work for you, sweat it… give yourself the freedom to have a little sprint just because the beat got faster.

Don´t misunderstand me, sprinting just because might not be great advice if you are running a marathon but, if you are running for the fun of it: then let it be fun! I don´t see kids getting all stressed up while playing chase; then why should we?? The best runners I´ve ran with will usually loose the pace here or there simply because they wanted to jump on a water puddle… YES, just like kids!

A couple of months ago, I created a running playlist on my YouTube Channel. I put it together for my sister last Christmas and she recons 1st time she used it she kept on running just because the playlist started again, despite of her being in front of her house already. 😀

It lasts 45 minutes and I think the transitions are actually OK. All songs are available on ITunes and the old ones are less than US$1.00. Otherwise, of course, you can always download them somewhere… 😉

Make sure you like the playlist on YouTube so I know it´s worth sharing. I´m working on a new one now 😀

Click the following link or copy paste the address on your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmXumtgwtak&list=PLS1c32by6N17i_nIPBENlz03QgChYkoEb

Happy running everyone!



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