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The Spartan 500 reps workout

Yesterday I didn´t want to work out… Happens to us all… So started looking for a new workout that was good, yet will take only 20 minutes or so… A quick fix…
Turns out the actors from the movie 300 (no, I haven´t seen it!) got ripped by a very simple to follow, yet difficult to perform, 300 reps workout. The original one includes gym equipment that I do not have at my house but the whole idea sounded amazing to me so I started “You Tubing” for it… And I found it! Fitness blender Spartan 500 Workout!

To be honest, it didn’t take me the 17 min it took the guy on the video. It took me 20 + another 5 walking along the living room waiting for my body to stop telling me I was gonna faint! (lol). Today I´ll go for it again, see if I can nail at least 30 secs less than yesterday. Highly recommended!! 😀

* Find the video + workout details here: http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/workout-detail/Spartan-500-Workout-500-Rep-Workout-Routine/d8/